Ida Beach by sea kayak and snorkeling tour with a guide

We take a sea kayak and aim at Ida no Hama, a secluded beach which takes a little over an hour to reach. Ida no Hama is a secluded beach in Iriomote Island, but since there is no road and it cannot be reached by land, we can visit it by using a regular boat or a ship. Since it is difficult to visit, it is a place where not many people gather, and depending on the timing, you may be able to use it as spacious as a private beach. Once we arrive at Ida beach, we will prepare for snorkeling and take you to the spots recommended by our guide. After arriving at Ida beach, we will get ready to snorkel and take you to our guide’s recommended spots. After a short stay at Ida beach, we will move to the spot of your choice and snorkel again. If you have never snorkeled before, our owner guide, a former scuba diving instructor and snorkel instructor, will teach you the basics. This is a great way to learn the basics of snorkeling and avoid accidents. Depending on the tide level, we may not be able to hold the tour on some days, and the order of our stops at Ida beach may change.

Let’s go to Ida no Hama, a secluded beach in Iriomote Island, by sea kayak!
Did you know that Iriomote Island, a remote island in Yaeyama Islands, Okinawa Prefecture, is said to be the last unexplored region in Japan? In fact, there is a private beach in Iriomote Island that can only be reached by boat. In Okinawa, where resort development is progressing, Iriomote Island is an important island where natural nature remains untouched. This time, I would like to tell you about the charm of “Ida no Hama”, which can be called the last natural paradise beach in Japan.
Let me know how to have fun at Ida’s Beach!
1) [Sea kayaking
To enjoy Ida no Hama more fully, I recommend sea kayaking to Ida no Hama.
We will paddle the kayak by ourselves to Ida’s beach, which is said to be the most beautiful beach in Iriomote Island. It is very pleasant and exhilarating to see the vast ocean in front of us and the nature around us. The beautiful emerald green sea, the green mountains, the scent of the ocean tide, and the marine life that can be seen from the surface of the water, you can feel nature with all your senses while kayaking. In addition, sea kayaking allows you to enjoy activities while feeling a floating sensation that you have never felt before because your body is close to the surface.
You can take a sea kayak to Ida Beach and enjoy snorkeling at Ida Beach, your destination. The waters of Ida Beach are shallow, so you can enjoy coral and tropical fish without diving. While snorkeling, you can also see bearded dolphins and, if you are lucky, sea turtles. When snorkeling at Ida Beach, it is recommended to swim the entire ocean. You can feel a completely different atmosphere in the sea depending on the point where you snorkel.
<Let’s observe a lot of marine life at Ida Beach! > > Iriomote
Even among the Yaeyama Islands, Iriomote Island is said to be one of the best in terms of transparency, density of fish and other gorgeousness in the sea. Because Iriomote Island retains its ancient nature that has never been developed, it is able to maintain its beautiful natural environment even now. If you look into the sea, you can see many beautiful and beautifully colored coral reefs, an underwater wonderland, and at Ida Beach, you can meet various creatures and natural monuments that grow in subtropical areas.
Summary of the first sea kayak and snorkel picnic tour
Ida’s Beach” is the most beautiful beach in Iriomote Island, and once you visit it, you will surely be impressed by the beauty of the sea. The color of the sea changes with the passage of time, and just gazing at it will heal your heart, making it a beach like a paradise. Due to the inconvenience of access, tourists are unlikely to visit the beach, and since it is a place where you can stay as if you were on a private beach, you can spend as much time as you want at Ida Beach all to yourself. How about enjoying the wonderful environment that can be called a truly unexplored beach? The clarity, beauty, and tranquility of the sea are perfect, and the shallow waters make it fun for families with children to play.

  • Departure period

    June to the end of September only when air and water temperatures are high.

  • Departure time (schedule)

    Tour time: about 6 hours and 15 minutes

    Approximate tour itinerary
    9:30 Pick up → Personal preparation → Lecture, etc.
    10:15 Start kayak tour
    11:30 Arrive at Ida beach (rest, lunch, snorkeling)
    12:40 Move to another point
    14:00 Departure, start kayaking
    15:15 End of tour → clean up
    15:45 Arrive at dismissal point

  • Number of participants

    Minimum number of participants: 1

  • Target

    Over 5 years old

  • Fee

    Adult ¥11,000 (¥14,000 if only one person participates on the day)
    Child (elementary school age and older - under junior high school age) ¥8,000
    Infants (from 5 years old) ¥6,000
    (to be paid in cash on the day)

    ※What's included in the price
    Canoeing equipment, packed lunch, waterproof bag, snorkeling equipment, transportation

  • Clothing / Preparation

    Please come dressed for swimming. It is recommended that you wear a top and bottom rash guard.

    ≫Click here for details on preparations