Trip Preparations・Safety

What to Bring・What to Wear


  • Shoes easy to move around in e.g. sneakers
  • Clothes you can get wet like long pants, long-sleeved rash guard parkas or rash guards are recommended.
  • Towel
  • Hat
  • We rent out simple rain gear like raincoats.
  • Drinks:

    bring about 1〜2L in summer, 500mL〜1L in winter.

☆Useful Things to Bring

  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunglasses

☆Customers Participating in Trekking Tours

  • Long-sleeved shirts, long pants
  • Trekking gloves

※We rent out backpacks and felt-soled shoes for trekking in the mountains and walking in streams free of charge.

☆Customers Participating in Kayaking Tours

  • Swimsuit

    (recommended because you’ll get wet during kayaking tours)

  • Shoes you can get wet (sandals and crocs are OK)

    ※We can provide shoes for kayaking in 3 sizes: S, M, or L upon request.

※We rent out simple waterproof bags free of charge.

☆Customers Participating in Other Tours

※We rent out simple waterproof bags free of charge.

☆Customers Participating in Other Tours

※We may experience torrential rainfall in Iriomote Island, so we recommend that you wear a swimsuit underneath your rash guard or other clothing. You’d be able to get wet at any time. Depending on the course we take on our trekking (& kayaking) tour, there will also be places we can swim in the river.

※Make sure to protect yourself from the sun! Avoid exposing your skin as much as possible. We have strong UV rays here in Iriomote Island!

※In winter, it is useful to have a generic raincoat on you. It is also helpful in keeping you warm. (During the summer or for courses which are less demanding, simple rain gear is sufficient.)

※You can enjoy your trip with us even more if you have a waterproof camera or a smartphone in a waterproof case at your disposal (please bring such items at your own risk). Just be careful not to submerge it or drop it.

About the Pick Up and Drop Off Transportation Service

【Customers Coming From Ishigaki Island・Remote Islands】

※Please take care to not confuse Uehara Port with Ohara Port!

For participants on a day trip, please bear in mind that you will not be allowed to board wearing wet clothes. So, please bring a change of clothes.
We provide transportation to and from “Uehara Port”. For those coming directly from Ishigaki Port, please make sure you purchase a boarding pass for “Uehara ” to disembark at Uehara Port.

《If Uehara Port is Not Running》
On days when the sea is rough or during the winter, many ferries to Uehara Port are cancelled. Yaeyama Kanko Ferry and Anei Kanko provide services to transport customers to Uehara Port by “a boat heading for Ohara Port” + “a free provisional shuttle bus from Ohara Port to Uehara Port”. Even if you plan to head to Ohara Port, please still purchase a ticket “for “Uehara Port” (purchase either through Yaeyama Kanko Ferry and Anei Kanko companies). When boarding, tell the staff you will need to use the shuttle bus to receive a bus ticket. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us before boarding. We will provide you with the instructions you need for a smooth trip over to Iriomote Island.

【Pick-Ups and Drop-Offs in Iriomote Island】

We can provide transportation to participants staying at Funaura, Uehara, Urauchi, Hoshidate, Sonai, or Shirahama in the western districts of the island. Please contact us for those in the eastern districts.

Enjoy Canoeing in Iriomote Island!Let’s Learn About the Attraction of Canoeing in Iriomote Island!

①Iriomote Island Jungle Book comes with liability insurance for all tours. However, please note that this insurance does not apply to minor injuries.

②If you have a chronic disease (including sprains, etc., hereby referred to as a chronic disease), injuries, or health concerns which may affect the tour, please let us know in advance. Please also report to us in advance if you feel unwell on the day of the tour. In the case the existence of chronic diseases or injuries not mentioned in advance comes to our attention during the tour, we may need to discontinue the tour midway to give top priority to safety. Please note that we also take no responsiblities for any incidents due to chronic illnesses or injuries.

③Under no circumstances will we conduct the tour for any participants under the influence of alcohol. Any consumption of alcohol during the tour is strictly prohibited.

④In general, we do not allow pregnant customers to participate in our tours out of safety, but please feel free to contact us because we may take details such as the number of months of pregnancy into consideration for certain concessions.

⑤Please have your health insurance documentation (or copy) ready just in case. We recommend participants of our tours of unexplored areas to enroll in a “domestic travel accident insurance”.

☆About the Endemic Disease Leptospira
Although extremely rare, here in Yaeyama, we get reports of patients contracting “Leptospirosis” while swimming or doing recreational activities in rivers or farming from June to November every year. Leptospirosis is an infectious disease caused by bacteria called Leptospira. If left untreated, symptoms may become severe.

Symptoms: fever of 39 degrees or higher accompanied by chillds, headaches, muscle pain, red eyes, etc. In severe cases, symptoms such as jaundice and renal failure may develop.

Route of Transmission: it is transmitted by contract with water or soil contaminated by rat (carriers) urine.

Incubation Period: onset occurs 3 to 14 days (an average of 10 days) after contact with the contaminant.

Method of Prevention:
① Wash your hands after contact with river water and paddy fields.
② Avoid physical contact with mice and wild animals using your bare hands.
③ Do not enter the river with cuts on your skin.
④ Do not expose your skin when entering rivers or coming in contact with soil.
⑤ Do not drink river water without disinfecting (boiling) it first.

If you experience any of the aforementioned symptoms, please consult a medical institution immediately to report any contact with possible sources of contaminants such as rivers!Just bear this in mind, and it will lead to early treatment in case of an emergency. Because it is a relatively rare infectious disease, there may be doctors unaware of the disease in mainland Japan.

About Tour Cancellations

① The weather in Iriomote Island is volatile. Weather forecasts are often wrong. Since torrential rain is common here, many tours will be held even in the case of rain. In the case we will need to cancel the tour due to adverse weather conditions, we will call you to let you know as soon as possible. However, please note that the tour may be canceled on the morning of your tour.

② Please kindly note that the tour may be canceled in the event the tour guide cannot safely conduct the tour due to health reasons or other compromising personal circumstances. Under such circumstances, we will do our best to either change the date of the tour or introduce an alternative tour company providing similar services.

③ In the case of cancellations made in advance due to typhoons, natural disasters, or adverse weather conditions, cancellations fees will be waived. However, please note that cancellation fees will apply from 14 days before your reservation for cancellations due to the customer’s personal circumstances.

《Tour Cancellation Fee》

  • Same day cancellation, 1 day prior to tour: 100% charged
  • 2~7 days prior to tour: 50% charged
  • 8~14 days prior to tour: 30% charged

Please wire the cancellation fee via bank transfer to the bank account indicated below:

Bank Name: Bank of the Ryukyus
Branch Name: Yaeyama Branch
Account Number: 959619
Name of Account Holder: Nakano Yuji

If the weather changes suddenly during the tour, we may need to change the schedule or the content of the tour upon discussion with our customer(s). We may suggest an alternative tour plan, which can be enjoyed even in the rain. We do our best to prioritize safety to provide fun but safe tours for our customers. Please note that as safety will be given top priority, there may be times we may have to cancel the tour due to safety concerns.