Only Iriomote Island in the world Iriomote cat.
Nara Falls on the way back by kayaking.
Ryukyu mejiro with cute voice and appearance.
Forest popular Sakishimakinobori lizard.
Dive into the jungle outback waterfall basin!

Here at Iriomote Island Jungle Book, we offer a variety of tours from great kayaking and trekking adventures to children-friendly tours.
Leave it up to us to handle everything from night tours in the jungle to seasonal tours, to take in all the rare spectacles our island has to offer like fireflies and sagaribana flowers.

Iriomote Island Jungle Book strives to provide real, genuine guided tours.

We believe it is our role as tour guides to provide tours customers can truly enjoy, so they can feel satisfied in choosing Iriomote Island Jungle and our Island for their adventure needs.

We will guide you to look for specific creatures or to special places upon request. If you leave it up to us, we will provide you with the best tour we can offer at the given time.

I will introduce the flora and fauna we encounter spefici to the season and the environment we explore together. I will share stories about the unique culture and lifestyle of Iriomote Island one can know about only in actually living among the Islanders in the oldest village within the Yaeyama Islands. I enjoy leading tours and spending time with my customers.

Of course, in terms of safety, we take great care to make sure our customers are safe during trekking and canoeing tours. To keep injuries to a strict minimum, we provide you with detailed instructions on things to watch out for, how to take walks in the jungle, how to canoe, and how to use our equipment, so that we can all enjoy a pleasant journey safely without any unfortunate surprises.

We ensure your trip to Iriomote Island is full of the best memories by providing customers with safe tours to enjoy.

Whether you are confident or worried about your physical stamina or have a physical impairment, please don't hesitate to contact us. We value providing inclusive adventures that a wide range of people can enjoy on Iriomote Island. While meeting your individual needs may prove to be too difficult at times, we will try our best to assist you in completing an adventure, with private tours for no additional fees.

To make it as easy as possible for you to prepare for your trip, here at Iriomote Island Jungle Book, we have a wide range of rental gear available. As long as you wear the appropriate clothing for the tour, with personal items and water, you are ready to go. Even if you don't own a camera, we'll send you the data of the tour photos taken during our tours as a souvenir.

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★We provide free transportation services around Uehara Port. You can also participate in tours as a day trip from Ishigaki Island. Please contact us if you are from around Ohara Port.

Plenty of Tours to Explore Iriomote Island