Introducing the staff of Iriomote Island Jungle Book.

Yuji Nakano

From those who come to Iriomote Island for the first time to those who want to enjoy a trip to Iriomote Island again, we will propose a tour that suits your wishes and conveniences. It is important for you to fully enjoy the charm of Iriomote Island and to guide you safely and happily so that it will be a wonderful memory of your trip. If you have any questions about your trip to Iriomote Island, please feel free to contact us! !!

☆ Qualifications, etc.

First-class small vessel operation license

PADI Open Water Scuba Diving Instructor (NT)


Emergency recompressor

OMSB snorkeling instructor

OMSB water rescue worker

OKGA Sit-on Certification Guide

OKGA Rigid Certification Guide

Wilderness Emergency Aid (Outdoor Lifesaving)

Wilderness BLS (Outdoor Basic Life Support)

NACS-J Nature Observation Instructor

Iriomote Ishigaki National Park Park Volunteer

Permission to use national forest facilities (mangrove forest boardwalk)

Control workers such as Mikania micrant

○ Okinawa Prefecture Kayak and Canoe Association

○ Marine leisure business notification company

○ Taketomi Chamber of Commerce and Industry member

○ Taketomi Town Tourism Association member

◯ Taketomi Town Tourist Information Business Guide No. 028 No. 028-001

Okinawa Forest Management Office Forestry Notification No1343

Donation activity:

The Nature Conservation Society of Japan Individual Member

Peshawar Association maintenance member

☆ Main experience

〇 Engaged in scuba diving guide in Phuket, Thailand.

〇 Experienced traveling around Japan and 14 Asian countries as a backpacker.

〇 Challenge mainly by bicycle to cross between Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, and Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal (via Everest).

〇 Cross India from the north to the southernmost tip of India by bicycle.

〇 Experienced a tour of East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia) as a backpacker.

〇Others: Experienced many kayak camping touring, motorcycle touring trips, domestic and overseas trekking, and mountain climbing.

☆ Favorite animal cat

☆ Birthplace Kagoshima

Maiko Nakano

I love Iriomote Island, where I was born and raised, and animals.

We look forward to welcoming you!

☆ Qualifications, etc.

Unified Certification Organization Certified Animal Nurse

Regular member of Japan Animal Nursing Association

Japan Pet Animal Association Pet Animal Breeding Manager

Okinawa Prefecture Wildlife Refuge Volunteer

Iriomote Ishigaki National Park Park Volunteer

NAUI diving license

Taketomi Town Tourist Guide No. 028-002

☆ Main experience

Worked as an animal nurse at a veterinary hospital

Lecturer at Animal Nurse College

☆ All your favorite animals

☆ Birthplace Iriomote Island

Sumiko Grandma

My wife, Maiko’s mother. An aunt from Iriomote Island who usually sells prepared foods on the island.

I am in charge of “Tour Bento” and “Islander’s Aunt and Walk Tour”.

If it arrives, we will provide a lunch box with ingredients from Iriomote Island.

☆☆ There are very few shops on Iriomote Island that can offer bento boxes, so you can rest assured that you can make bento boxes at licensed shops ☆☆


☆ Birthplace Iriomote Island

Staff dog Tida

Tida (Border Collie) Girl’s Birthday October 31, 2007 (Halloween)

Iriomote Island Jungle Book staff dog.

Thank you.

I came to Iriomote Island with a foster parent. I love running on the beach and in the grasslands.


\ One who wants to go canoeing together! /

^ ▼ ^


★ For those who want to canoe with their dog
Iriomote Island Jungle Book also prepares life jackets for dogs so that dogs can feel at ease if they want to canoe with their dog. Please contact us at the time of booking.

“I want to canoe with my dog! But I can’t take my child …” For those who like that, our staff dog “Tida” can be with you. Tida is very docile and loves to be with people.


☆ Birthplace Okinawa