Sea Kayak Tour to Ida Beach・Guided Snorkelling Tour

We aim for Ida Beach by sea kayak – a secluded beach taking a little over an hour to reach. There are no roads leading to this isolated beach in Iriomote Island, making access by land impossible. We can visit by taking a liner vessel or a boat. Due to the difficulty of access, few people gather on the beach. So, depending on the timing, you can use the beach spaciously as your very own private beach.

Upon arrival at Ida Beach, we’ll start preparing for snorkeling. The guide will lead us to recommended underwater locations to observe tropical fish and clownfish, among others. After spending time at Ida Beach, we move to another spot recommended by the guide for some more snorkeling fun. For those new to snorkeling, don’t worry about a thing: our chief guide is a former scuba diving and snorkeling instructor, so you’ll get a thorough rundown of the basics. To enjoy snorkeling safely, it’s best to properly learn the basics rather than be self-taught to avoid accidents.

《Depending on the tide level, there may be days we cannot conduct this tour》《We may change up the order of visiting various snorkeling spots and Ida Beach》

Let’s check out “”Ida Beach””, a secluded beach in Iriomote Island, by sea kayak!!

Did you know that Iriomote Island, a remote island among the Yaeyama Islands in the territory of Okinawa Prefecture, is considered to be the last unexplored region in Japan? In fact, there’s even a private, secluded beach in this island, only accessible by boat. While we see resorts popping up all over Okinawa, the rich nature in Iriomote Island remains largely untouched. We would like to take the time now to introduce the attraction of “”Ida Beach””, the last natural beachy paradise in Japan.

【Tell me how to have fun at Ida Beach‼】

①【Sea Kayak】
Getting yourself to Ida Beach by sea kayak is a highly recommended way to fully enjoy your experience at Ida Beach.

We’ll paddle ourselves to what is said to be the most beautiful beach in Iriomote Island aboard sea kayaks, reveling in the pleasant and exhilarating scenery of the vast ocean spread out before our eyes. Just imagine the beautiful emerald green ocean, the lush green mountains, the scent of the ocean tide, and the marine life peeking out from below the surface of the water. With sea kayaking, you can feel nature all around using your 5 senses, while being so close to the water’s surface will have you feeling a floating sensation you’ve never felt before.

After making our way over to Ida Beach by sea kayak comes the snorkeling. The waters of Ida Beach are shallow, so there’s no need to dive to enjoy observing the coral and tropical fish. While snorkeling, you’ll get to see clownfish, and if you’re lucky, even sea turtles. We recommend you try to snorkel every part of the water at Ida Beach to enjoy the different underwater seascape you’ll find snorkeling at various locations.

【Let’s Observe Lots of Marine Life at Ida Beach!!】

Even among the Yaeyama Islands, Iriomote Island is said to have the most transparent water with the highest density of fish, making it top-class in terms of how gorgeous it is. Left mostly undeveloped, the beautiful, natural landscape of Iriomote Island remains untouched since ancient times. Just look at the ocean floor to visit an underwater wonderland, adorned with stunningly colored coral reefs, subtropical marine life, and natural monuments. 


Summary of Your First Sea Kayak & Snorkeling Tour

“”Ida Beach”” is the most beautiful beach in Iriomote Island. Just one visit will have you impressed by its jaw-dropping beauty. Just gazing as the color of the ocean changes over time will heal your heart. Due to the inconvenience of accessing this sliver of paradise, tourists are unlike to visit, so you can enjoy your time as if it was your own private beach to spend time doing whatever tickles your fancy. Why not come explore this amazing environment of a truly remote beach? Enjoy the perfect clarity, beauty and tranquilty it offers. The shallow waters even serve as fun playgrounds for families with children to have a blast. 

  • Availability

    around June〜end of September (only available during periods of high air and water temperatures)

  • Tour Schedule

    Duration: About 6 Hours 15 Minutes

    《Estimated Itinerary》
    9:30 Pick-Up → Individual Preparation → Lecture, etc.
    10:15 Start Kayaking
    11:30 Arrive at Ida Beach (Break, Lunch, Snorkeling)
    12:40 Change Locations
    14:00 Departure, Start Kayaking
    15:15 End of Tour → Clean Up
    15:45 Arrive at the Drop-Off Location

  • Number of Participants

    At least 1 person

  • Suitable Age

    Over 10 years old

  • Fee

    Adult ¥17,000 (¥34,000 for single participants)
    Child (elementary〜below junior high) ¥15,000
    Infants (from 5 years old) ¥13,000✖️

    (Payment method: cash on the day of the tour)

    ※Price Includes
    Canoeing equipment, lunch, waterproof bag, snorkeling equipment, transportation

  • What to Wear・What to Bring

    Please come dressed for swimming. We recommend wearing a rash guard top and bottom set.

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