Only Iriomote Island in the world Iriomote cat.
Nara Falls on the way back by kayaking.
Ryukyu mejiro with cute voice and appearance.
Forest popular Sakishimakinobori lizard.
Dive into the jungle outback waterfall basin!

The Iriomote Island Jungle Book offers a variety of tours from kayaking and trekking for great adventure to tours that can be enjoyed by children.
Leave it to the Iriomote Island Jungle Book to offer night jungle tours, seasonal Yaeyama Firefly tours, and Sagaribana tours.

Iriomote Island Jungle Book is a tour store and tour guide that aims to be authentic.

We believe that our role as tour guides is to provide tours that make our customers feel glad that they chose the Iriomote Island Jungle Book and that they really enjoyed their visit to Iriomote Island.

We will search for specific creatures or take you to special places if you request it, or if you leave it to us, we will do the best tour we can at the time.

I will introduce the creatures and plants that are appropriate for the season and the environment, and talk about the unique culture and lifestyle of Iriomote Island that I know because I live in the oldest village in the Yaeyama Islands with the islanders, and enjoy the tour with the customers.

As a matter of course, we emphasize safety measures for trekking and canoeing during the tour. To minimize the risk of injury to our customers, we provide information on cautionary points, how to walk in the jungle, detailed instructions on canoeing, and equipment for safer and more secure enjoyment.

We will help you to participate in the tour with peace of mind and make your trip to Iriomote Island the most wonderful and memorable one.

If you are not confident or anxious about your physical strength, or if you are handicapped and would like to participate, please do not hesitate to contact us. We value having as wide a range of people as possible enjoy Iriomote Island, so although it may be impossible at times, we will help you to complete the tour together with us by chartering the boat free of charge.

In order to make your preparation as easy as possible, Iriomote Island Jungle Book provides a wide range of rental items so that you can participate in all tours with ease, as long as you have appropriate clothing for the tour, your own luggage, and water. If you don't have a camera, we will give you the data of the tour photos we took.

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We will pick you up around Uehara Port for free. You can also join the tour on a day trip from Ishigaki Island. If you are around Ohara Port, please contact us!

There are many tours to Iriomote Island.